Boho chic  clothes. Fusion of styles

Boho style echoes in many designer collections and casual clothing. While many of its elements were popular at the hippy era, it fully became a fashion trend only in late 90s. To match the unmatchable – this is the main principle of Boho style. Modern girls use lace dresses and leather boots, jeans and transparent tunics, massive necklaces and light scarfs to create the feminine look of today. Comfort is the main requirement for Boho clothes – this is why they are made of natural materials. Perfect for both natural make-up and dramatic smoky eyes, this style is a decisive answer to glamour: comfort and feminity against glitter and high-heels. 

Collecting your own Boho style wardrobe is easy when you can buy cheap Boho clothes on Rock Etiquette website. Just for you we selected 6 must have items that you can order right now.

  1. Boho dresses: whether it is short or long dress  it will look good on you. If you fancy skirts, check out maxi skirts. You can wear those with flat or low-heel shoes and decorate them with fringes of all types. 

  2. Tops: laced and knitted tops, light patterned blouses, loose printed T-shirts— you have plenty to choose from as long you don’t mistake grunge and hippy style for Boho chic. Tight fitting top will go well with long skirt and waistcoat and loose blouses are perfect for denim shorts. And don’t forget to find a matching belt!

  3. Bottoms: wear torn jeans and shorts with laces, applique work and embroidery. They will look great with transparent tunics or large sweaters. Lace leggings or boyfriend’s jeans will also do for  Boho style look, but don’t forget that Boho is not only about practicality. It is also about feminity and tenderness.

  4. Jackets:  oh, this is where you are free to go wild! Rock Etiquette online shop offers crocheted cardigans, leather jackets and kimonos made of natural fabric.

  5. Shoes:  on our website you can find perfect pair of shoes to complete your Boho look. Leather boots, fringe shoes and flat sandals will be ideal for both skirts and jeans.

  6. Accessories:  a large ethno-style bag is a must. Decorate yourself with massive wooden beads, feather earrings, large rings and heavy bracelets. Also you shouldn’t neglect Boho chic queen’s irreplaceable   accessory – a creative hat. You can buy it on our website too.

Where to wear Boho clothes

Rock Etiquette is a boutique for free spirited girls that follow no dress-code. Don’t be afraid to wear Boho chic clothes to dates or friendly gatherings. This style is in fashion once again, so, unless you are invited to a reception by the Queen of Great Britain herself, you don’t have to be afraid of looking inappropriate. On the other hand Her Majesty may actually admire the fashionable clothes from!